Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Ordinary University
  • Type:Medicine University
  • Location: Shenyang,Urban
Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Campus Scenery
Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LNUTCM) possesses five disciplines of Medicine, Science, Engineering, Management and Arts, including 32 undergraduate majors (or major orientations). Currently, the total enrollment exceeds 10,000 students. There are 15 colleges, 4 directly affiliated hospitals, 2 teaching departments, 2 experimental & teaching centers, 3 research institutes, 6 research divisions, 2 libraries and 1 museum in the university. LNUTCM has 1 state key discipline, 12 state key disciplines of TCM, 1 Liaoning provincial key discipline (including 12 second-class disciplines), 3 Liaoning provincial upgrading scheme projects, 1 top Liaoning province-level key discipline, 1 Liaoning province-level advanced and specially featured key discipline, 21 Liaoning provincial key disciplines of TCM, 3 post-doctoral programs, 3 first-class disciplines authorized to grant doctorate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Pharmacy and Integration of TCM and Western Medicine, 16 second-class disciplines authorized to award doctorate degree, 3 first-class disciplines authorized to confer master degree and 18 second-class disciplines authorized to grant master degree.  
LNUTCM has 1 national clinical research base of TCM, 11 A-grade research labs and 20 B-grade research labs directly under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and 15 Liaoning provincial key labs and engineering centers. It has undertaken and accomplished dozens of state-level research projects and hundreds of province-level research projects. It has published thousands of academic papers and hundreds of academic works. Annual expenditure in scientific research costs more than one hundred million yuan RMB. 
Having gone through hardships and difficulties, LNUTCM has cultivated many qualified TCM personnel. In the process of innovation and development, it has adopted a school philosophy “To Be the Best Not the Biggest”, and implemented the strategy “To Stand Based on the Key Disciplines, to Invigorate Depending on the Talents and to Develop Relying on Scientific & Technological Research”. Through comprehensively enhancing its own construction of culture, LNUTCM has shaped its own characteristics and advantages, which has played an important role in revitalizing the age-old Liaoning industrial-base and making immense contributions to inheriting and developing the cause of the traditional Chinese medicine. LNUTCM has been steadily and surely advancing with big strides towards becoming a higher-leveled TCM university of teaching and research type.