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Top Universities in China is an organization that is aiming at inviting international students to share the benefits of China's rapid development. China welcomes worldwide students to explore this fast-growing country. And what we're doing here, is to build a convenient and fast way for the students to come to China.

Dr. Charles Lu, CEO

China Education System

With more than 20,000 Universities,China offers diverse environment,course,work and culture that are still unknown to many. We are the first to offer a in-depth insight to your questions.


Chinese Government Scholarship and local government scholarships for foreign students are now releasing quotas. You can apply for different levels of scholarships through COMMONAPP.CN.

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Our global partners can provide you with comprehensive and detailed consulting services. Guidance can even be given in your own languages!

Only 50$ for the application of three universities!

Through, you can just fill in one application form and apply for three Chinese universities. We only charge 50$ for the application of three universities. No need to pay application fee to individual universities.

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