The day I discovered MapoDofu! I cried

  • 2018-01-16
  • studyinchina
By: Lisa Deveaux
I was crying at that little restaurant, Mei took me to have lunch, and I cried.
It was in May 2015 (that’s how good my memory is), a few months after I started my first year studies, Mei challenged me to try all of the specialties of her hometown, Xi’an, right here in Beijing.
The issue she came across was that there aren’t many Shaanxi restaurants that are worth eating at, in Beijing. But Lo, and Behold, she knew of one whose food was excellent, in Sanlitun.
For those that aren’t aware what MapoDofu is, legend has it that a couple who owned a famous vegetarian eaterie, with Dofu dishes being the most popular, was asked by customers for meaty dishes as well, the couple obliged by adding minced meat to her Dofu dishes, and voila!
The delicacy my friend decided to make me partake in, was complex, and fiery at the same time. The intensity of the chilly paste, combined with the freshness of the Dofu, and the tangy taste of mustard make of this dish a unique blend.
If you know me, I am the type of girl that ends up with swollen lips, and tears flowing to absolutely no end whenever I “mistakenly” swallow a chilly ingredient, and it then feels like my soul and my body end up having a fight about who’s gonna leave the other first.
So I cried, yes, I cried of happiness, because this experience has changed my entire outlook on anything spicy, and I am now over my chilly-phobia!
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Lisa Deveaux is a French student based in Beijing, she likes to explore the city, learn Mandarin in her free time, and write columns for on topics related to living, and studying in China.