A "Fujian Professional" - an Interview of a Medical Student in China

  • 2017-07-20
  • pangjingjie
Five years ago, when Mohammed get on the plane, ready to start his overseas trip in China, his understanding of the country is only limited to a number of film and television works - Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan's Kung Fu movies has pushed China martial arts on the world stage, and also opened a window for the world to know China. In his initial understanding, China is big and the population is very large. The Chinese people are "great Kung Fu", and they all look like one another".


The photo is taken by Mohammed himself when he is doing practice in a hospital in China. Unbelievably, the 24 year old boy from Tanzania has been living in Fuzhou for 5 years.
With a life-saving heart, Mohammed came to the Overseas Education College of Fujian Medical University, started practicing in clinical medicine. Fuzhou is the first stop in his life in China, and it is here that he began to try to touch, learn, and feel the slightly mysterious country.
"China is a big country with scientific and technological progress. It has a complete education system and many good doctors."." Studying abroad taught him a standard Chinese. He spoke slowly and tried to express exactly what he meant. For Five years, not only study carefully on his studies, on holidays, he will pack up his bag to travel around China. Guangzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Wenzhou, Ningbo...... All these places have left his footprints.
说明: 留学生比福州人还懂福州 玩“王者荣耀”学中国文化
Six years become "Fuzhou professional ", he is very familiar with every street in Fuzhou.
Muhammed loves to talk with Chinese, "they are charming (charming), very friendly, very respectful of others." "There are many beauties, too." Sitting on the side of the Han Yinran, raised his eyebrow, with a cute smile. Han Yinran is Muhammad’s senior, has now graduated from Fujian Medical University, and find a profitable job in Guian. Different from Muhammad’s rigorous a, the the Chinese name slightly weak Bangladesh guy, is a veritable "veteran" -- when he uttered the words China with pure taste, really let me shines.
Han Yinran wore a peaked cap, cover a tawny hair. I asked him, "Why are you wearing hats when your hair is so damp?" He opened his mouth with a stunning answer: "yes, the nest."". Han Yinran lived in Fuzhou for six years, is already a "Fuzhou Professional ", his understanding of the city has gone deep into every street, not only know the name, but also can accurately tell between from the school to the destination when. In a sense, and he let me chat pressure Alexander, as if he is a native of Fuzhou, and I am the overseas students.

Han Yinran (left) is a "Fuzhou pass", a casual encounter, he met his Chinese girlfriend - a beautiful Xiamen girl.
Good character often brings good karma, Han Yinran has a bunch of Chinese friends, and their relationship with Han Yinran well versed in Chinese along the road. "Sometimes they invite me out to drink. I don't want to drink, but I don't like to refuse them” I forced toasts in glasses, so, in the cup of wine was more than half." He is proud to share his secret in the video learned, although the truth is that he can be a person drank two cases of beer impassive.
Athletes also love to play "King glory", Wikipedia to understand Chinese culture
Chat, Han Yinran did not forget complaints Fuzhou hot weather, he rolled up his sleeves and display on the skin by the sun's boundaries". The German also delighted, he said, even in his native Tanzania, is not as hot as here. Perhaps is the inheritance of the Chinese sports talent, Ma is almost a German athlete all-around, basketball, football, volleyball, baseball swordsmen. "I also worked as a coach at the school games and trained to run."
Thanks to the popularity of smart mobile phone and mobile Internet, Mohamed makes family video calls every day , talk about recent study life, what he views and hears in China . The Internet has brought him closer to his family and made many new friends.
Mohammed also plays "the king of glory", a popular game among youth. He said, since the day he touched the game in a China friend home, he was deeply attracted. "This is a unique game, both picture and character, which is different from other games." The German open game, showing me his most love hero -- Hou Yi, "I don't know who Hou Yi is, but I especially love this can stand in the distance archery hero, so I find information about the role of Wikipedia data, by the way to learn about the culture of Chinese." As he said, he jokingly said, "if you can, really want to shoot down the heat of the sun."

Mohammed loves the function of voice message in games, he like joking with gamemates , making the fiery battle become easier. Chinese players will also take the initiative to add him as a friend after the game, "I and one of the players now often contact each other, call each other greetings, occasionally meet, eat."." Before that, he never thought he can make friends in virtual world.

Today, he has entered her fifth year of studying abroad, starting his internship with many students who are going out of the campus. He turned out to be a picture of himself in a white coat, and his eyes were full of expectations for the future. "Studying medicine is hard. Sometimes it's full of days, from 8:30 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon."." Muhammad smiled and said, "But I want to finish the life-saving wish, perhaps, I will stay here to help more people who need help."