Study in China - student activities for the whole year

  • 2017-07-19
  • pangjingjie
The Spring Festival (January or February)
The Spring Festival is the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It is also an important carrier for the Chinese people to release their emotions and satisfy their psychological demands. It is the annual carnival and the spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation. The Spring Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are called the four traditional festivals in china.
International College organized activites for international studnets for the Spring Festival around Chinese new year , such as dumplings and so on.
Visit Yunlong Lake (March)
Yunlong Lake is located in the southwest of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou City, is the main scenic spots of Xuzhou Yunlong Lake scenic area, formerly known as the "stone Gouhu", the latest formation in the Northern Song dynasty. Yunlong Lake on the East and west hill, Han Shan Tian Qi shan. To the south, Zhushan quanshan. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, on one side of Lincheng.
Yunlong Lake is the best natural landscape in Xuzhou and one of the most famous scenic spots in Xuzhou. In order to let the students see the beautiful landscape of Yunlong Lake, the international institute specially organized to study abroad and visit the cloud Longhu. In the spring of Yunlong Lake, clear lake water, bright as a mirror; the shore willow bud, early apricot powder.

Every March, the International School Students Organization in different countries gathered in the eight mile long beach north Wollongong, waves Green Acres "Yunlong Lake, enhance friendship, feel the harmony and unity of scene and emotion.
Qufu (3/4 months)
Qufu is located in the southwest of Shandong Province, 135 kilometers north of the provincial capital Ji'nan. East of Surabaya, West Yanzhou, South Zoucheng, North Taishan. Qufu is the hometown of Confucius, known as the "Oriental holy city", Confucius's this open learning initiative, the Confucian culture, so after 2000 years of history Chinese deeply hit the mark of confucianism.
For thousands of years to music Donglu, worship the king's eternal. Spring on the occasion, the International School of Jiangsu normal university students, in the school under the leadership of the organization, to go to Qufu, visit the Qufu "three holes" - that is, Confucian Temple, Confucian Residence Konglin, and other famous scenic spots. Qufu is the "three holes" Chinese commemorate Confucius, respected Confucianism characterized with rich cultural heritage, long history, large scale, abundant relics and scientific and artistic value is known.
Here, students from all over the world pay a visit to the temple of Confucius and experience profound and profound Confucian culture, thus deepening the understanding of Chinese language and culture and greatly beneficial to his study in china.

Strawberry picking (3/4 months)
April spring breeze, international college students to organize the Strawberry Park, into the greenhouse strawberry.
Carrying a bamboo basket, the shuttle in strawberry, carefree feeling to return to pastoral. When the afterglow of tenderness, will be fruitful. The students in the greenhouses frolicking, just picked fresh strawberry taste, fresh and sweet and delicious strawberries make people feel comfortable. The students happy work, talking and laughing, spent a wonderful day.

Fun in Jiangsu (5/6 months)
"Happy Jiangsu" is sponsored by the Information Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's government, the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, the Jiangsu provincial radio and television host, a Chinese game for the Jiangsu foreign personnel China Jiangsu network, MAP magazine and other Co.
In order to let the work, foreigners living in Jiangsu enjoy a deeper China feel the essence of traditional culture, historical heritage stretches of Jiangsu this land, highlighting the "open Jiangsu, harmonious Jiangsu, Jiangsu with the social atmosphere, international college office, the Provincial Department of education, Jiangsu Normal University, the relevant units in the leadership of the provincial propaganda next, hosted" fun Jiangsu "Chinese game, game mainly Chinese songs, supplemented by a variety of Chinese talent to showcase the art form.
Since the founding of "fun Jiangsu", my international college has many foreign friends from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, South Korea and other countries to express their Chinese dream "Jiangsu love".

Mid Autumn Festival (9/10 months)
Mid Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, takes place every year in the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. August for the autumn of second months, in ancient times known as the autumn, because in the autumn and in August, the folk called mid autumn festival. The Mid Autumn Festival is also called the Mid Autumn Festival, August Festival, August, Yuexi, half month festival, and because this day the moon full circle, the symbol of the reunion, also known as the festival of reunion. In the private sector, during the August Mid Autumn Festival, also worship or festival on customs. "August fifteen moon circle, Nakaaki Tsukika sweet", this proverb tells the mid autumn festival night, people in urban and rural areas to eat moon cakes custom. The moon cake is originally used as offerings from the goddess of the moon, then people gradually to the mid autumn moon and eat moon cakes, as a symbol of family reunion, slowly, the moon cake has become the essential gifts of the holiday.
Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, the international academy gives students a personal experience of Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn culture by giving them moon cakes and tasting moon cakes.

Pick apples (10/11 months)
Rain cut bad urn new moss, autumn leaves into the red cross. Autumn is the season of receiving goods. There is a fruity aroma everywhere. There is a paean of harvest everywhere. International college students each year will go to the autumnal equinox season, apple orchard, apple picking in school.
In the apple orchard, the small lanterns of apples bend the branches down, and the students pick an apple and then wipe it, and they can't wait to bite it. They are crisp, juicy, sweet and delicious. After a while, everyone's basket was full, and the mood became more and more happy. Seemingly simple activities, but left a deep friendship and good memories.

Sports meeting (October)
In order to fully implement the school fitness plan, and actively promote our school staff and students a civilized and healthy way of life, full of spirit to devote themselves to the development of various undertakings in Jiangsu normal university sports meeting is held every year in October.
Under the call of the school, the International Academy is also actively involved in the work and events of the games. The annual opening ceremony of the games, the International Academy is a big bright spot. Foreign students from more than ten countries, foreign teachers, square and orderly steps, waving the flags of all countries, with loud slogans and a warm smile to the audience brought greetings from all over the world. A well rehearsed program of students from several countries also set off the audience. So far, students from all over the world have participated in the competition events, and they have also achieved excellent results.

Christmas party (December)
Christmas is a traditional Christian festival in the West and a legal holiday in many countries. In order to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and the new year, the students abroad are given warm care, and the International Academy will hold a Christmas party and enjoy a happy gathering together.
The international school Christmas party with multilingual program presided over various kinds, rich exotic, fully demonstrated the campus internationalization; at the same time, other Chinese college students will bring with Chinese featured guest performances, wonderful venue, profuse in praise. Through the Christmas party, students from all over the country spent the happy time together. They gave mutual care and consolation to each other during the festive season. They promoted friendship and added friendship to china.

Carnival on New Year's Day (December 31st)
The joys of spring old words, teachers and students on the same stage to celebrate
Chinese New year. Every year in late December 31st, Jiangsu Normal University will be held in the school campus in Quanshan field, nearly 10000 students New Year celebrating New Year's day night.
In the new year's Day Carnival Party, international students will be through the careful preparation, offering a unique program, draw the scene warm festive atmosphere, showing the international college students have a unique style of style, but also in China traditional cultural elements in the program, applause and applause.