Why study in China - A Student Testimonial

  • 2017-07-07
  • pangjingjie
As a foreign student in China, I come to study in China with full scholarship in 2010 through a website: www.commonapp.cn. I think the most important aspects that attract me to China are rapid economic growth and colorful life in spare time.
Rapid Economic Growth in China
The rapid economic development of China is one of the most important conditions that attract a large number of foreign students. Powerful economic growth represents an image of China and also promotes the development of the country in other areas.
Since 1978, China's GDP has increased at an annual rate of 10%. China has come to the second place worldwide regarding the total gross domestic product. The nation in the east has become to the center of the world economic development. The rapid economic growth has attracted lots of investments, not only from transnational enterprises of American and European countries, but also investments from developed country. Foreign students who come to study Chinese language, culture, law, politics and trade could also benefit from the economic growth and trade transaction. The economic rise has brought lots of job opportunities regarding China.  And even one of my classmate set up their own businesses during their studies. This is quite inspiring. Living environment of foreign students is also improving.
Meanwhile, the tuition fee is cheaper than other countries. Universities in China also have some good rankings. Now, many universities provide full scholarship to foreign students, especially for the students from “one belt one road initiative” countries. So study in China really means cost-effectiveness.
Colorful Life in Spare Time
Except studying in school, students can also enjoy entertainment life their daily lives in China. Firstly, I am going to talk about food. China as a food capital, it is aspirational for foodie people. Coming to China, people can taste all kinds of delicious food. For example, dumplings, hot pot, roast duck, spring rolls and so on. There is a documentary video, called “a Bite of China”. You can check in this video about amazing Chinese food. And next, I am going to talk about China's tourist attractions. China is one of the four ancient civilizations of the world and it has a long history. The landscape tourism resources are quite rich. Such as the strengths of one of the world's top ten miracles, the world's top five palace of the Beijing Imperial Palace and the world's eighth largest miracle Terra-Cotta Warriors and so on. China is so large that you can travel in different provinces. North China and south China are quite different. So you can experience different kinds of culture within one country.
Did you get impressed by the study life in China? Come to study in China now! I would like to recommend the website for you: www.commonapp.cn. The staff in Commonapp.cn could also guide you to the scholarship in China.