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Brief Introduction:Global Study Consultancy, based as its headquarters in Dhaka, Bangladesh is a small, but, sophisticated and dedicated professional education consultancy expert in foreign education and career counseling of students. It has an educated research team on world education and immigration system that matters to foreign students. We offer best admission at reputed foreign universities, schools, colleges or professional bodies. We try to find possible scholarships, internships or work placement for a student. We help students with the filing of visa application to the respective immigration departments. Before taking the admission and immigration procedures, we assess a student’s personal circumstances and eligibility which is important part of our counseling service. We motivate students with all required information on behalf of the foreign schools that a student truly need. We also guide students about the immigration requirements and process. Our step by step counseling can bring a full satisfaction to a student. We believe that foreign educational success depends on a successful team work between us, students, foreign schools and immigration departments. So, we like to maintain an honest and transparent relationship with any part of this team. We like to exchange and share our views and information in an open mind with anyone. OUR OBJECTIVE Our objective is to offer global vision with a personal touch in the education and application service industry, bridging the information gap between students, foreign schools and immigration department of different countries, including: enable student make the wisest decision on future education and career paths; represent partner institutions’ best interest to recruit quality students rather than purely students in sheer volumes; facilitate greater public awareness of our partner institutions among prospective students, parents, academics and recruiters. Since our establishment in June 2013 we have assisted over 5,00 Bangladeshi students gaining admissions to long-term academic Courses in different countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and others. @Global Study Consultancy OUR VALUES Our values in counseling are the 100% honesty and transparency in any part of the service to any student or their parents. We are serious to maintain a high level of ethical standard in our profession. Therefore, we are selective for students and foreign schools. We have a internal assessment system to select students that we like to provide our service. OUR OWNER & FOUNDER’S BACKGROUND Mr Md Shafiqul Islam (Jibon), CEO & Lead Consultant graduated from the University of Wales. He is an experienced and senior journalist. He has worked as senior reporter at four prominent newspapers including the daily New Age, Daily Financial Express, Daily Janakantha and the Daily Manobzamin since 1998 to 2013. He has also good reputation for writing blogs on current affairs at online portals. Mr Jibon, studied and lived about 5 years in the United Kingdom as international student, and had the first-hand experience of the difficulties and the challenges encountered by students choosing to continue their education in a foreign country, that experiences becomes their incentive to establish Global Study Consultancy in the hope of assisting and supporting overseas students in adapting to life and study abroad. More details about Mr Jibon could be found in his profile at professional networking site LinkedIn on : HOW DO WE OPERATE? In our main business operation, we take responsibility of course/university/career counseling and application preparation, while administrative officers oversee the submission/tracking of applications and pre-departure procedures. Through this job specialization structure, student are assured of receiving tailored services that help them identify the best international opportunity to meet their needs, including: best possible advice, dedicated and efficient support for all related matters to international student application and pre-arrival needs. We understand that many of our partner institutions value quality more than quantity and hope to achieve better recruitment results with less effort, thus our service has been tailored to optimize offer and enrolment conversion rates, and to minimize extra support required from partner institutions to reach these goals, filtered applications carefully and proactive marketing through all latest information technologies. OUR HISTORY Global Study Consultancy was founded in April 2009 in London, the United Kingdom. But the company was established in Bangladesh in June 2013 when the company’s founder and owner returned home from the UK as international student. Though the company seems new but it has been able to create a good reputation within a short time, and now looking forward to continuing our history of providing high quality and professional advice for students who would like to study in the foreign countries. OUR SLOGAN & PHILOSOPHY "We are Building Future, Breaking the Borders by Connecting Friends’’ is our slogan. It appropriately reflects our philosophy, values, attitude and approach in education counseling, when providing services for students, their parents and our education partners. We want to bring a social cohesion, harmony and peace in the world through the education. Therefore, we build such networking platform ‘Global Friends Network’ to keep our students united. We are helping students as their trust worthy friends. We never say a student is our client. Any student taking our service just as friend as we provide them a true and honest guide in their foreign dreams. We want to touch of student’s hearts through our counseling business as they will work tomorrow as ambassadors for us. OUR MISSION & VISSION Being a bridge across cultures and support for academic pursuit of the younger generation is our mission. Our experienced education consultants are well prepared to guide students on foreign education, programs, and possible scholarships, career opportunities according to their educational background, interests, aptitude, and aspirations. We have a broad network with education providers; we are able to suggest a wide range of study options and programs to meet the students' needs. Global Study Consultancy is an all-round service provider. Our care and concern continue though the students have left their home country. We also stay in regular contact with our students and liaise with schools and parents in monitoring students' progress. Therefore, we have created a platform ‘Global Friends Network’ under our company to continuing relationship with the students. Any of our student as member of Global Friends Network can take our service without cost during their studying abroad. They can seek information regarding accommodation, extension of visa, finding job, changing school or courses contacting with us without any fees. Because, we have a vision to be leader and most popular in the education counseling among global competitors. We want to bring a big change in education counseling.

The consultants in Global Study Consultancyis very patient and experienced. All my questions had been answered very clearly and quickly. They have helped me start a new journey in my life."

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Company:Global Study Consultancy

Contact Person:Md Shafiqul Islam




Focus Area:Helping students to get admission and visa abroad

Founding Date:June 2013

Employ Num:05

Address:Advanced Melinda (2nd Floor), 72 Malibagh, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh

Services For: Non-Degree,Bachelor,Master,Doctoral

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